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It’s not unusual for homeowners in wooded regions to look out their windows and see a herd of deer grazing on their property. As people move further away from large cities, deer sightings become more common. Deer are herbivores and frequently graze on grass and vegetables, but food shortages often drive them miles a day to find food. PVC pipe can be used to make deer feeders to ensure deer in your area receive adequate nutrition.


Measure 8 inches up from the bottom of an empty 5-gallon bucket and cut the top of the bucket off with a saw. Drill four or five holes in the bottom of the bucket to allow rain to drain away and prevent moldy feed.


Cut two slits in one end of the plastic PVC pipe, each approximately 4 inches long and 3/4 of an inch wide. These slits allow the feed to filter down and fill the bucket base as the deer eat.


Place the pipe in the bucket with the slit end down, and drill a small hole in the bucket on each side of the pipe. The holes should be placed halfway between the top and bottom of the bucket, directly on either side of the pipe. Thread a zip tie through one hole from the outside of the bucket, around the pipe and back out through the remaining hole, and pull tightly to hold the pipe in place.


Find a small grouping of trees on your property and set the feeder against one of the trees. Secure the feeder with three zip ties spaced evenly along the length of the pipe. Cut the excess ends from the ties to deter deer from chewing on them.


Fill the pipe with deer feed, and add a few handfuls of feed to the base. The feed in the bottom will entice the deer to eat, and fresh feed will replace what the deer have eaten. Cover the top end of the pipe with a PVC end cap to keep the feed dry.


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